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Being passionate runners, of course, we want to improve our PR's or finish a race in the best position possible. But, is that the most important thing about running? Is that the main reason that drives us to challenge ourselves? We believe not.

We believe more in those details that come from running and our endurance challenges, more related to courage, finding ourselves through discomfort, climb the unknown, showing up and give the best we can (yes, pain included).

Our mission is simple…

🏃‍♀️ That’s why we started The Journey, a community committed to connect like-minded people, with a passion for running. A place for those who think that it doesn't matter how fast you are, where it is all about going, one kilometer at a time, seeking to be the best version of ourselves.

💡 What you can expect?

With this page, you will have access to all our The Journey Stories (inspiring stories from our members) and content related to various topics, such as: mental fintess, aerobic mindset, resilience and mindset.

We are aiming to help each and every member of the community to be a better runner, a better person.

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To find out more about this project, visit:
Website: https://thejourney.webflow.io
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